Elderly man being read to

Elopement and wandering tips for caregivers

Caregivers must be vigilant about the issues of wandering and elopement. It's estimated that up to 31% of nursing home residents and between 25% an...

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Is insurance a commodity? Agents make the difference

Many media campaigns position insurance as a commodity, suggesting that price is the only main difference there is to offer. Perhaps the actual...

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6 ways to protect employees' ears

Noise and unwanted sounds are by-products of many industrial processes. Employees that are exposed to these high noise levels can be subject to...

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employees clapping their hands

How to motivate employees and promote loss control programs

A new loss control program often produces a flurry of activities — many departments are involved, and there is a high degree of participation by al...

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5 wildfire mitigation strategies

Summer is upon us, and so is summer heat. Hot and dry temperatures make for ideal wildfire conditions. Be sure to remain prepared in the scenario a...

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Tips for securing loads to your pickup, flatbed, or trailer

Unsecured loads in a pickup, flatbed truck, or trailer can be just as dangerous as an unsecured load on a 53-foot semi-trailer heading down the...

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