Events articles

Waiver documents are important for both the non-profit organization and its volunteers. Each party must formalize the relationship and set expectations.
When written properly and signed accordingly, a liability waiver, it can prevent lawsuits and protect an organization from the actions of the participant.
As you’re planning an event ensure that the event will be as safe as possible.
If your field trip is organized well, it will be educational, safe, and fun! As the organizer of the field trip, you are responsible for planning and safety.
The next couple of months are a prime time golf fundraisers that may need special event coverage.
Implementing the following golf cart strategies can lower the potential risk to your business and improve the safety of your customers.
Participating in a run/walk as either a runner or volunteer is one thing, but planning your own run/walk event is another altogether.
Hayrides, pumpkin patches, haunted houses – all these special events require special responsibilities. Manage your event with the right special event insurance.