Insurance articles

Five things you should expect from our SECURA claims team.
SECURA considers a hobby farm to be small farms that the owners operate as a hobby instead of running it as a business.
You never know when you might get in an auto accident — or who the other driver will be. That’s where UM and UIM coverage comes in.
Underground service lines can be damaged in several ways. Typical farm policies may not provide coverage for damage that happens, and the effects can be incredibly costly.
It’s important to update your insurance policy so your investment is protected to rebuild your business with similar materials in case of a loss.
The rising cost of inflation affects more than just the price at the pump or the cost of groceries.
As you make resolutions to improve your overall well-being this year, take some time to think about your business’s well-being as well.
If you run a business with employees, EPLI is almost certainly a must-have, even for businesses with only a few employees.