Your safety is our business

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. 

At SECURA, our Risk Management team offers in-person consultations and a number of free, web-based resources to help you manage your risks so you can protect your employees and focus on running a profitable business. 

Our team can assist you by identifying risks that can affect your workplace, provide personalized employee training, and review any losses you may have had, and share methods to prevent them from happening again. 

Learning Management System (LMS)

In partnership with Evolved Safety, SECURA policyholders can access the SafetySkills Learning Management System (LMS) to help identify training requirements, set goals, track progress, and promote safe workplaces.

This cloud-based training program features over 1,000 courses that are regularly reviewed to adapt to changing regulations and requirements. Industries include:

  • Construction
  • Food services
  • General safety
  • Grocery
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Annual pricing is dependent upon which plan you choose. SECURA can help cover set-up costs associated with your SafetySkills LMS subscription. To learn more about this LMS, subscription plan options, and pricing, please contact your risk manager.

Cyber Safety Powered by Zeguro

Cyber Safety Powered by Zeguro

Policyholders with a Cyber Security policy also have access to Cyber Safety by Zeguro - providing a holistic risk management solution to protect your people, processes and technology.

Learn more about improving security policies, monitoring your web assets, cyber security training for your employees, as well as monthly assessments.

More info on Cyber Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Risk Management consultants offer the following services:

  • Site visits and consultations
  • Hazard identification and submission of recommendations to correct hazards
  • Help with regulatory compliance – OSHA, D.O.T., etc.
  • Consult on OSHA and D.O.T. matters/citations
  • Evaluate current safety programs and offer improvement opportunities
  • Help establish an effective safety committee
  • Help establish accident investigation and hazard awareness training
  • Provide employee safety training or aid management/supervisors with ongoing employee safety training
  • Assist in establishing safety self-inspection programs
  • Provide jobsite surveys and consultations
  • Provide loss review and trend analyses - provide assistance in reducing/addressing loss trends

At the beginning of each visit, a Risk Manager will arrive onsite to meet with your management and/or ownership. This discussion focuses on the company’s operations to help our Risk Manager gain a better understanding of the business. SECURA’s Risk Managers will then conduct a walk-through survey of the property and business operations, noting any potential hazards and exposures that may lead to loss incidents.

At the end of the visit, a closing conference will be held to discuss any exposures noted, recommendations for improvement, and possible solutions for your business. The survey findings discussed during this closing conference will be sent in a follow-up letter. We ask that you respond to the letter using the contact information provided to let us know when these recommendations have been completed.

Prior to the visit, the Risk Manager will give you an estimated duration of the visit based on your operations and the number of locations that will be viewed when making the appointment with you. Generally, a visit takes roughly 1.5 hours, though the time can vary.

To contact Risk Management, call 920-830-4639 or email us at To find your Risk Manager go to Meet your Risk Manager and select your state and county.

  • A robust on-demand video training collection.
  • Sample safety programs, forms, and checklists.
  • A library of safety talks and blogs for a wide variety of industries