Risk Management

closeup of a space heater on wooden floor

Electric space heater safety in the workplace

Nearly all businesses have cool spots within their buildings during the coldest part of the heating season. Employees often seek to improve their...

Chef cutting vegetables

Cutlery safety tips

Take a few moments to look over these simple questions and answers about cutlery safety. You should be committed to helping reduce the possibility ...

5 ways to discourage thieves

Is your business or commercial property safe from theft? Follow these five steps to protect your assets.

family putting clothes in dryer

Clothes dryer fire safety

Clothes dryers are a major workhorse appliance in America. In most homes, families run their dryers seven days a week just to keep up with the...

business man and woman filling out forms at table

The hows and whys of participant liability waivers

When written properly and signed accordingly, a liability waiver serves two purposes: it can prevent lawsuits and protect an organization from the...

Close up of turf on football field

Athletic field maintenance and exposures

Most people look at an athletic field and recognize its use. Your job is to make sure the people using it aren’t put at risk because of the field’s...