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Woman talking on the phone while driving

Promote safe driving; Sign a parent-teen driving agreement

Inexperience is one of the main factors in accidents caused by teens — and those accidents can be fatal. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading caus...

four teens driving in a car

Teen riders: How to be a good passenger

Teen drivers get lots of advice about how to drive safely and avoid distractions. But you probably don’t hear much about how to be a good passenger.

man driving ATV

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety

Whether intended for work, home use, or recreation, ATVs are cost effective, multi-function tools that continue to grow in popularity. Unfortunatel...

family putting clothes in dryer

Clothes dryer fire safety

Clothes dryers are a major workhorse appliance in America. In most homes, families run their dryers seven days a week just to keep up with the...

Cars and semi truck stopped at an intersections

Driving through intersections: What you should know

In the U.S., intersections are responsible for a number of accidents and many deaths every year. Almost everyone can name an unsafe intersection in...

closeup of vehicle side-view mirror, showing semi truck driving on the road behind car

Maintaining a safe following distance

How close  are  you to that vehicle in front of you as you drive down the road? Would you have enough time to slow down if the other vehicle sudden...