Man typing on keyboard with futuristic screen

Protect your business from cyber-attacks

Preparing to protect your business against a cyber-attack should always be on your check list. Businesses of all sizes are targets of cyber-attacks...

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Person holding a small plant in their hands

A sustainable history propels us forward to a green future

Here at SECURA, sustainability is woven deep into our company culture. For us, there is no "going green," it's all about how we can find ways to li...

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Person typing on laptop at desk

4 ways to protect your personal information online

Protecting your personal information is crucial when it comes to your online presence. Unfortunately, hackers are getting creative and tricky with...

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Photo of the farm where Secura started next to the current Secura home office

SECURA celebrates 120 years

This year our company celebrates 120 years of serving policyholders. What started in Julius Bubolz’s farmhouse has grown to become a property and...

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sign next to frozen water that says Danger thin ice

Don't get caught on thin ice this winter

A frozen pond or lake extends the winter landscape, offering opportunities for ice skating, hockey, ice fishing, and more. But treading on thin ice...

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Man giving woman a piece of jewelry

The value of a valentine: Insuring your jewelry

With Valentine's Day around the corner, many people are searching for the perfect gift, from flowers and chocolates to diamond earrings and gold...

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