Insurance 101

Students moving their things out of a dorm

College dorm theft prevention

A tablet, a computer, a gaming console... and a French horn? Your son or daughter packed a lot of stuff into their dorm room, and some of it is...

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Woman sitting at desk holding a paper umbrella over a paper cut out family

4 things you should know about umbrella coverage

Umbrella coverage is aptly named — it gives you added coverage on top of your personal insurance (like homeowners, auto, watercraft, or motorcycle)...

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Houses in a neighborhood with dark sky and lightening in the background

Weather woes: Protect yourself before the storm hits

Many homeowners, especially new homeowners, don't give a lot of thought to their insurance coverage until the wind picks up. Spend a few minutes...

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Man and woman talking to car salesman at the dealership

4 need to know answers when insuring a new vehicle

So you're ready for a new ride.  You've researched gas mileage, reliability, performance, and safety. You even know what color you want. But did yo...

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Girl driving with her dad in the passenger seat

Understanding auto insurance for your child as they enter adulthood

When your teen started driving, you added them to your auto policy so you knew they were covered. Now, if your child moves out and continues using...

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Woman holding box of belongings in house

Fact or fiction? The top 4 myths of renters insurance debunked

Whether you live in an apartment, house, or duplex, if you're renting, it's a good idea to get renters insurance even if your landlord doesn't...

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