Safety Talks


5 wildfire mitigation strategies

Summer is upon us, and so is summer heat. Hot and dry temperatures make for ideal wildfire conditions. Be sure to remain prepared in the scenario a...

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Row of lockout locks lined up

Understanding Lockout/Tagout

Serious accidents have happened when someone thought a piece of equipment or machinery was turned off or secured. The Occupational Safety and Healt...

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Close up of sign with fire hazard warning

Hazard Communication: What is it?

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) developed a Hazard Communication Standard to help protect employees from the hazards of...

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Four different colored hard hats sitting in a row

Personal Protective Equipment: An overview

Hazards exist in every workplace and in many different forms. Your employer has the responsibility to assess your workplace and/or job site to...

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Close up of cleaning person with rubber gloves on

9 tips to good housekeeping

In the workplace, it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities. We get busy completing the tasks that need to get done and, in turn, we can...

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Close up of wet floor sign in a building

Avoid slips, trips, and falls in the workplace

Slips, trips, and falls cause many general industry accidents. Most of these incidents are preventable if you watch what you are doing, and focus o...

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