Cyber Security

Identity theft affects more than just your finances

Identify theft happens when someone fraudulently uses your personally identifiable information for their personal or financial gain. 

How to talk to employees about cybersecurity

As a small business owner, your employees are the first line of defense in preventing a cyberattack. While you may think your business is too small...

Create a cyberattack response plan for your small business

As a small business owner, protecting yourself against the threat of cyberattacks is important.  The financial, reputational, and emotional cost of...

How to deal with ransomware when data is held hostage

This article will help educate you on the complexities of ransomware, and the importance of selecting a cyber insurance carrier that provides the...

person typing on laptop keyboard

Top 5 tips for preventing cyberattacks and ransomware

As the use of technological devices becomes an increasingly integral function of our daily lives and how we complete our work, it can be difficult ...

Man typing on keyboard with futuristic screen

How to prepare for a cyber attack

Preparing to protect your business against a cyber-attack should always be on your check list.