4 reasons why you need to check your furnace

Furnaces are being fired up all over the country, and it’s vitally important to have your furnace inspected. Find out why. 

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Fall home maintenance: The 6 must-do's

Fall home maintenance

Leaves are falling and, for many, especially those in the Upper Midwest, snow may be looming in the extended weather forecast. It’s time to consider several home maintenance tips that can save on costly repairs in the future.

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Keeping teens street smart: Five rules for the road

Teens want to be hip and cool behind the wheel. Parents just want them to be safe. How can we help them be both?

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Breaking it down: Top 10 insurance discounts explained

Maybe you're the type of person who likes to clip coupons, or perhaps you find yourself driving across town to save two cents on a gallon of gas. It's a good feeling to save a few bucks. Chances are you can save money on your home and auto insurance premium too. 

While all insurance carriers may not offer these deals, you should ask your agent about these top ten insurance discounts.

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Home smart home: The benefits of adopting smart home technology

Smart home technology is an incredibly popular and steadily rising trend. This technology is becoming more affordable and easy to use with hundreds of options to turn your home into a high-tech machine. 

As if the convenience of being able to control your thermostat from your phone, or start your oven completely hands-free isn't enough, smart home devices also provide some pretty amazing security and safety benefits. Before deciding if this investment is right for you and your family, here is a deeper look at what a connected home can offer you. 

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