Don't get caught on thin ice this winter

A frozen pond or lake extends the winter landscape, offering opportunities for ice skating, hockey, ice fishing, and more. But treading on thin ice can be dangerous, potentially causing hypothermia or even death. 

That's why you need to know whether the ice is strong enough to support you, your snowmobile, or your vehicle before you venture out. 

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The value of a valentine: Insuring your jewelry

With Valentine's Day around the corner, many people are searching for the perfect gift, from flowers and chocolates to diamond earrings and gold necklaces. If you decide on jewelry for your valentine, it's important to search for the perfect insurance coverage too. 

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A Super Bowl state of mind can keep your party sanitary

For sports fans, it's the definition of "the big game." For casual viewers, it's a chance to see which ads are setting the standard for comedy and creativity. But for those attending a Super Bowl party, it's a chance to tackle some indulgent treats. 

Snacking is inherently part of any viewing party, but the variety of dishes and the longevity of the game can put your guests at risk of food-borne illness. 

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Farming tips for avoiding manure runoff

Many livestock owners need to spread manure, even during the winter months. But winter snowfall and spring thaws can create challenges for manure management. When manure isn't effectively absorbed into the soil, it can run off into surface water, ditches, and streams.

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Resolve to stay fit and safe at the gym

The top New Year's resolution continues to be weight loss. It also is the most commonly broken resolution. Still, many people try to beat the odds by joining a gym or fitness center in early January. While some are daunted by a lack of motivation, others are hindered by injuries and other avoidable aches and pains. 

Follow these tips to make your fitness journey rewarding and safe so that your goals of weight loss and health are more attainable. 

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