Farming tips for avoiding manure runoff

Many livestock owners need to spread manure, even during the winter months. But winter snowfall and spring thaws can create challenges for manure management. When manure isn't effectively absorbed into the soil, it can run off into surface water, ditches, and streams.

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Safe hunting is no accident

The first hunter education course was offered at a 4-H camp in 1944. But states were slow to require any kind of hunter safety program until the 1960s and '70s when the idea really caught on. Now nearly every state requires hunters to take an approved safety course in order to buy a hunting license. 

Even if you've already taken such a course, or if you were exempt because of age or military service, it's still a good idea to give hunting safety another look. 

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Tree stand safety tips for the big hunt

Falls from tree stands continue to be the leading cause of injury for hunters. The good news is that these falls are preventable. Hunting from a tree stand allows you to have a better view of your target while avoiding detection from your prey, but take several safety precautions. 

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5 ways to honor a veteran

Each year when November 11 rolls around, many retail stores are eager to advertise their Veterans Day sales and promotions. Granted, you may get a great deal on that new pair of shoes you've been eyeing up, but how much will that 25% off sale at the department store really do to honor veterans?

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served our country. This year, instead of shopping the sales, check out one of our top 5 picks for honor soldiers, both past and present, this Veterans Day. 

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Don't let your Halloween party become a real haunted house

The most frightening part of Halloween might be the dangerous situations that can occur in preparation for the holiday. Whether it's carving jack-o'-lanterns, creating costumes, or having beverages, Halloween risks are all around.

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