Workers face increased health risks as temperatures rise

When the sun is scorching on a hot day, many of us move inside to get out of the heat. But if your job requires you to work outside, you don't always have that option – leaving you at risk of heat exhaustion and, in more severe cases, heatstroke. 

It's important to understand the risk of these heat-related ailments, as well as how to stay cool throughout your workday. 

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On your mark...Get set...Go! Planning a successful run/walk

According to Running USA, there were more than 18.3 million race registrants in the U.S. in 2017. With numbers like these, it's no surprise that run/walk charity events are becoming a popular fundraiser. 

Participating in a run/walk as either a runner or volunteer is one thing, but planning your own run/walk event is another altogether. 


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Don't lose sight of your eye safety practices

"Our eyes are our windows to the world." It's a common, yet incredibly true phrase that we are all familiar with. Our eyes are remarkable and wonderful organs in our bodies. Through them, we experience and interpret the events around us, earn our livings, pursue leisure activities, and enrich our lives. 

Imagine though that in one split second on the job, all of that is taken away. 

If you're exposed to eye hazards on the job, such as tools, flying objects, chemicals, and radiation, you're at risk of injury. In fact, 700,000 Americans will injure their eyes at work each year and that adds up to an estimated $300 million loss in production time, medical expenses, and claims. The good news is that 90 percent of all injuries are preventable with proper eyewear and education. 

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Need insurance for your health club?

Your basement might have a treadmill, but somehow, it’s just not as motivating as your gym. The amenities are what members love about fitness and health clubs, but they’re also what make them tough to insure. From rock-climbing walls and juice bars to lap pools to heavy weights, the equipment alone can pose some challenges to coverage.

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What to expect in a major claim

SECURA claims service delivers genuine compassion, care, and coverage

It’s a heart stopping moment when you realize your property has been destroyed. Adrenaline and emotions are in overdrive, and it’s difficult to think clearly. You are so overwhelmed, but thankfully, if you have insurance coverage from SECURA, you won’t have to go through this alone.What should you do? What should you expect? Here are five things you should expect from our SECURA claims team if you face a disaster or – as we say in the insurance industry – a large loss.

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