Knife safety tips

July 30, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

What can you do to prevent employee injuries?

Take a few moments to look over these simple questions and answers about knife safety. You should be committed to helping reduce the possibility of employee injuries in your restaurant.

Does knife safety really make a difference?

Definitely. Every laceration injury that occurs in your restaurant affects your profitability. Experts agree the true cost of accidents is between 5 and 10 times the direct cost.

Does the sharpness of the knife make any difference in knife safety?

Believe it or not, properly sharpened knives are less dangerous than dull knives. Forcing a dull knife through food items, especially those that are wet or frozen, can result in injury. Lacerations from dull knives are often more severe than those from sharp knives because rough edges cause more serious wounds.

Tip: Schedule a certain day each week for knife sharpening.

How should knives and other cutlery be stored when not in use?

Knives stored openly in drawers can be a hazard to employees. Why? Because employees can easily cut their hands when reaching for another utensil. Knives should only be stored in proper holders or in sheaves.

What advice can I give my employees about knife safety?

Make sure your employees understand that different tools have different uses, such as slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting. Knowing the proper method as well as the proper tool can mean the difference between safety and injury.

Is there a recommended way to pass a knife from one employee to another?

Passing a knife from one employee to another is considered an unsafe act and is not advisable.

Remember, you share responsibility for your employees' welfare. Injuries can lower morale, decrease profits, and disrupt your business. It's up to you to keep your restaurant safe.

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