Pest control business insurance

Providing the insurance coverage and service you need to keep the bugs out of your business. 

Pest control businesses face unique risks that other businesses may not.

Inspecting the dark corners of clients' homes and businesses, storing and transporting chemicals, and possible on-the-job injuries, to name a few. 

That's why it's important to have the right insurance protecting your business from multiple angles, just like you protect your clients from unwanted pests.


Understand how different coverages protect you in different ways. 

Learn how SECURA’s insurance for pest control companies can protect your business, then find an independent insurance agent to create a custom policy unique to your needs. 


General Liability 

While inspecting a customer’s home for mice, an employee loses their balance in the attic and breaks through the ceiling drywall. General liability insurance covers the cost of replacing the damaged property. Similarly, if a client trips over an extension cord placed in the home while servicing their location and suffers injuries, your business is protected from paying any medical bills and lost wages if they cannot work. 


Commercial Auto 

While driving to a customer’s location, your employee is involved in an auto accident, where both the business vehicle and the other party’s vehicle are damaged. Commercial auto insurance can help cover the vehicle repair and medical expenses. 


Inland Marine 

While onsite at a customer location, tools are stolen from the company work truck. Inland marine coverage provides protection for items that are mobile and often transported from one location to another, like tools in a work truck.


Property Insurance 

During a severe thunderstorm, a tree fell onto your building, broke through a window and caused damage inside and out. Property insurance covers the expense to repair and replace the damaged business property. 


Errors & Omissions (E&O) 

During a visit to a new client’s property for a carpenter ant infestation, a service technician deploys the wrong pesticide. A week later the client calls saying that much of their landscaping plants have died. The client files a claim against your business citing your negligence resulted in increased expenses to replace their landscaping. E&O insurance could protect you from legal costs and other expenses related to the claim.

Cyber Security 

An employee’s work laptop containing private client information was stolen from your company. You are obligated to tell clients their information may be compromised. Consequently, customers file a claim for the losses caused by their neglect. 

Cyber security insurance will cover legal costs, notification expenses, civil damages, computer forensics, data restoration, reputational damage, cyber extortion threats, investigator or negotiator costs, and any ransom payment made to eliminate the threat. 

Workers’ Compensation 

While on a wasp removal job, an employee tears their protective suit and is injured by stinging insects. They require medical attention and three days off of work to recover. Workers’ compensation will pay for the medical care of your employee, as well as any lost wages for the employee while they are unable to work during their recovery. 



Since 1900, we've been known for our genuine people and exceptional service. We are members of pest control trade associations throughout the U.S., and understand the liability, property, and work comp risks within the industry.  
In partnership with our independent agents, we can provide you with a custom insurance policy perfect for your unique needs. 


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