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Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Farm Owners

A revolutionary solution

We believe a true insurance partner places equal emphasis on working with your company to prevent injuries from becoming expensive claims that drive premiums higher.

SECURA is reinventing our Workers’ Compensation program by being among the first carriers to give policyholders and their employees 24/7 access to registered nurses with Nurse Hotline.

Nurse Hotline gives you control

With SECURA’s Nurse Hotline in partnership with Medcor, employees are empowered to seek answers faster. The hotline is offered as a free benefit for SECURA policyholders, breaking down barriers to early treatment of workplace injuries. Watch the video below to learn how this service benefits both employees and your farm operation.

Distance becomes a nonissue

Farm operations rarely are close to medical facilities. So when medical questions arise about a non-emergency workplace injury, it means traveling some distance to a clinic. That translates into significant lost time and wasted fuel. Work Comp Nurse Hotline removes time and distance barriers — putting farm employees in immediate contact with medical professionals.


Benefits to the employer

  • Reduced claims. Many injuries reported to the hotline can be treated simply with self-care methods. That translates into no hospital visit and no claim.
  • Reduced costs. When claims are reduced in both number and size, premiums typically follow.
  • Reduced lost time. When injuries are treated immediately, workers stay at work or return to work sooner.
  • Expert guidance. Nurse Hotline essentially gives you access to highly skilled medical professionals 24/7. No more supervisor judgment calls or overtreating injuries.


Benefits to the employee

  • Immediate care. Employees no longer have to suffer through an injury in hopes it will get better. The hotline gives them sound medical guidance immediately.
  • No stress. A skilled independent medical professional advises employees on treatment.
  • A true benefit. Employees will see the Nurse Hotline as an extension of the benefits package your company offers.

Welcome to the next generation of Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Compassionate care

If a work injury becomes a formal claim, you can feel confident SECURA has the expert staff and services in place to efficiently manage all elements of the process from treatment to return to work. These are the services that put your company and injured employee first.


Immediate and constant communication

After a claim is reported, you can expect one of our experienced claims representatives to be in contact within eight business hours. We'll also keep communication lines open with you and your employee throughout the process. In addition, our Spanish-speaking associates will assist in breaking down any language barriers.


Progress monitoring

Our in-house occupational nurses help keep costs in check by monitoring care to ensure appropriate progress is achieved.


Return-to-work focus

Even employees with injuries preventing them from performing normal duties can assist in other areas. We'll facilitate ways to bring employees back to work, helping to improve morale, reduce costs, and maintain your productivity.


Control costs

Our bill audits, medical network, and prescription drug discount card combine to help control claims costs.


Value-added services

As a SECURA policyholder, you'll have access to Prevention Connection, our exclusive online safety resource. Our risk management consultants are safety experts. They'll work with you to identify and correct safety issues before they result in accidents. In addition, our professionals assist you in learning about how your experience modification factor impacts your premium as well as how to lower it.


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