Insurance for small farms helps protect your passion

Your farm may not be the biggest around, but it’s more than a hobby – it’s a passion. Count on the SECURA Farm experts who know your world firsthand. As former farm kids, they have practical knowledge of the daily farming activities and the small farm insurance you need.


Do small farms need insurance?

While insurance for small farms might not be top of mind for you as a farmer, having proper insurance coverage is essential. Farmers need insurance to protect their property and any farm-related liabilities. Small farm insurance is essential to safeguard farmers’ investments and livelihood.  

What does small farm insurance cover?

SECURA’s insurance for small farms includes these key coverage benefits:

  • Agri-Protector Plus – Protects you and your farm operation even further by increasing special limits and adding more coverage
    • Travel Rescuer℠ - SECURA’s service that gives you and relatives who live in your household 24/7 access to medical, travel, and security assistance services when you’re traveling 100 or more miles from home
    • Increased special limits on household personal property
    • Extended coverage for household personal property while away from premises
    • Increased limit for tree removal coverage
    • Increased limit for water backup of sewers or drains
    • Increased limit for trees, shrubs, and other plants
    • Increased limit for lock replacement
    • Civil authority deductible waiver
    • Mortgage extra expense
    • Crime rewards coverage
    • Financial institution vault coverage

  • Dwelling Extension Package Options include:
    • Refrigerated Property Coverage
    • Transit Coverage for household contents while being transported in your vehicle
    • Collapse Caused by Underground Water
    • Landside Coverage

  • Household Personal Property Special Coverage

  • Replacement Cost Coverage for Personal Property and/or Dwelling

  • Increased Dwelling Coverage if at the time of a loss dwelling repairs exceed the coverage limit shown on the policy

Small farm insurance experts

SECURA’s farm experts know your world firsthand. As former farm kids themselves, they have practical knowledge of the daily farming activities and can help identify the right insurance for your small farm, plus additional coverages that benefit small farms, including coverages for farming equipment, livestock, and liability protection. Together with your independent insurance agent, you can rely on us – so you can stay focused on the work at hand.

Find a SECURA agent near you to create the perfect small farm insurance plan for your needs.

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