About Nurse Hotline

With SECURA's Workers' Compensation Nurse Hotline service, you have immediate 24/7 access to a registered nurse if an injury occurs. The result is better care and fewer unnecessary claims, saving time and expense. Through our partnership with Medcor, Nurse Hotline is offered as a free benefit for our policyholders, breaking down barriers to early treatment of workplace injuries.


Nurse Hotline Benefits

  • Reduced claims. Many injuries reported to the hotline can be treated simply with self-care methods. That means no hospital visit and no claim.
  • Reduced costs. When claims are reduced in both number and severity, premiums typically follow.
  • Reduced lost time. When injuries are treated immediately, workers receive peace of mind, and stay on the job or return to work sooner.
  • Expert guidance. Nurse Hotline jump-starts the paperwork process in the event a claim is filed.

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