Choose SECURA, choose protection with flexibility.

At SECURA you will find the coverage available to businesses and nonprofits. Some of these are optional, so you select insurance tailored to your needs.


Property insurance

This includes your building and nearly everything inside, like computers and furniture. Select coverage for your tools, machinery, and equipment, if necessary. Plus you can be insured for income lost and expenses associated with maintaining operations if you do suffer a loss.


Business auto insurance

Add coverage to your policy for your business automobiles, which include cars, trucks, and trailers. Then you're enrolled in our Glass Express program, which repairs glass damage to your autos quickly. Learn more about Glass Express.


Liability insurance

Injuries and damage to others' personal property can occur on your organization's premises or when you're working at another property. If you're held responsible for them, we step in to ease the financial burden.



Expand your liability coverage limits with an umbrella policy. You can choose a coverage level based on your needs.


Nonprofit directors and officers liability (D&O)

In today's litigious society, non-profit directors and officers need these benefits of liability protection:

- Coverage for wrongful acts of a director, officer, or trustee, including omission, misleading statements, and breach of duty.

- Coverage for past and present directors, officers, trustees, employees, and volunteers; estate, heirs, and legal representatives of deceased persons who were policyholders; and lawful spouses of those insured.


Employment practices liability insurance  (EPLI)

As the number of employment-related claims continues to increase, so do the legal costs to employers to resolve such claims. Protect your business from claims made against your company for wrongful termination or discipline, failure to promote, harassment, and defamation of character.

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