Roof Snow Removal Services Frequently Asked Questions

To help mitigate roof collapses this winter we are making discounted roof snow removal services available through RoofConnect, a nationwide roof snow removal vendor, for select qualifying Farm building risks as one of our Risk Management services. 

Please review the frequently asked questions about the program below. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policyholders choose when they need the roof snow removal service. There is no waiting to meet certain guidelines, or for SECURA to deploy the service. Policyholders should contact RoofConnect at or 877-942-5613 to deploy the service.

SECURA does not provide policyholder reimbursement for roof snow removal services. Policyholders can always select their own roof snow removal vendor; HOWEVER, to obtain SECURA-negotiated discounted rates, the policyholder would need to contract services through RoofConnect, a nationwide roof snow removal service.

Yes, RoofConnect can give ballpark estimates, or policyholders can simply set a budget and ask RoofConnect to remove as much snow as they can within that time frame. Policyholders can work out a plan with the removal crew to remove most of the snow nearest to the edges, or even remove alternating strips of snow to relieve some of the pressure on the roof.

No. The service will be up to the discretion of individual policyholders based on their assessment of the hazard posed by the current snow load on their building.