eDocs FAQ

What is eDocs/Agency Download Service?

We are partnering with IVANS to provide Agency Download Service to our agencies. The Agency Download Service is an automated process that allows SECURA policy information to download directly into an agency’s management system (AMS). 

  • The system translates the data into a shareable format across multiple agency systems.
  • The policy data is synchronized between SECURA and the agency via updating the data on the agency’s system.
  • Download streamlines the process using ACORD standards to drive agency efficiency and reduce E&O exposure. This will save time by eliminating re-keying of data as well as providing a faster workflow for your employees.

eDocs: We now send policy documents as attachments through the download direct to the agent management system. This offers a secure and managed alternative to email, mail, and faxes. It is an auditable, secure, system-based method of handling essential communications between carriers and their agents.

How does it work?

Each night, SECURA transmits new or changed policy information to IVANS. This data is sorted and placed in your agency’s IVANS mailbox. The policy data is available for download into your management system the following day.

Are there any costs involved?

There is no additional cost to our agents.

Will it work with my Agency Management System?

SECURA is currently certified with the following AMS systems for eDocs: Applied, Hawksoft, NASA, Vertafore, XDTI- Nexsure, Webcetera- EZLynx, SIS- Partner XE, and Agency Systems- Newton.

Do I need to have an IVANS account to download?

Yes. You will need to have your IVANS Y account to access SECURA downloads.

What if I don’t have an IVANS Y account?

Contact SECURA Agency Automation and they can set up your account by registering your agency and creating an IVANS mailbox.

  • Information to have ready: Agency Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Producer Code/Agent Code, Agency Management System.
  • Contact SECURA at 800-558-3405, option 6, or email at agencytechsupport@secura.net.

Do I need to do anything with my system?

Yes, contact your agency management system vendor to make sure your system is configured correctly to receive the eDocs download with SECURA.

  • Be prepared to provide information about which carriers and lines of business you wish to download.

What lines of business are available for eDocs?

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Farm-Ag Lines

If I am having trouble, who do I call for support?

  • Your first level of assistance is your agency management system vendor. They will do troubleshooting. If they determine it is the IVANS service, they will conference in our customer support center and we will begin troubleshooting with you.
  • SECURA Agency Automation
  • IVANS Connection Team: 1-855-233-9128 or getconnected@ivansinsurance.com

How do I get started?

Contact SECURA’s Agency Automation department at 800-558-3405, option 6, or email agencytechsupport@secura.net.