Report a work injury to SECURA

Call Nurse Hotline: 888-333-3334
For emergencies, call 911 first.

For all non-emergency work injuries, the supervisor and injured employee should immediately call Nurse Hotline. A specially trained Registered Nurse will determine the seriousness and nature of the injury.

From there, you’ll be advised on the best course of treatment. You’ll also get a confirmation number to reference should you need to call back to report changes in your condition or ask additional questions.

To learn more about Nurse Hotline, watch our short video.

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Workers' Compensation Billing Address:
PO Box 3215 Milwaukee WI 53201

Medical providers — E-billing information (Minnesota)

Clearing House information for SECURA Insurance:

Work Comp Bills: WZ082 / Auto Bills: LS193

When submitting a medical bill or records electronically, please include the claim number for reference and payment. If you need claim information, contact SECURA’s Workers’ Compensation Department at 800-558-3405 or email

For additional information about the submission of electronic bills, please contact WorkCompEDI at 800-297-6906 or email