SECURA approaches things differently

Starting with the application and interview process, we want you to relax and let your personality shine! Real workplace diversity can be achieved only if associates are invited to bring their true selves to work. From unique hobbies to valuable experiences, we want to know the real you from the get-go.


We want you to feel prepared and confident throughout the hiring process. Here’s what to expect:


Application. Submit your resume online. If you get stumped during the application process, feel free to contact us.


Phone interview. Our Human Resources Department and hiring managers will review your application materials. If they feel you are qualified for the position, a Human Resources associate will contact you to schedule a phone interview. The interview is used to gauge your attitude and the energy you’ll bring to the team. This is the time to let your passion shine!


Onsite interview. If we feel you’re a good fit for the position, we’ll schedule a second interview. During the second interview, the job you are applying for will be explained in full, and you may interview with three or more executives, peers, and supervisory associates. Remember, you’re interviewing us, too, so research our company, understand the position you are applying for, and come prepared with a few solid questions to ask your interviewers. 


Next steps. Within three to four weeks, you’ll receive notification of hire and, if applicable, an offer of employment. We take our time to ensure there is a mutual match. You can’t rush perfection, right?


If you have any questions about the SECURA application and interview process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We believe open communication is important.



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