Beverage manufacturing insurance

It’s a growing industry, providing a fun and exciting experience for those visiting, but the risk that comes along with it for business owners is always there.

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Trade-specific beverage manufacturing coverage ensures long-term success.

Beverage manufacturers face a variety of risks in their daily operations. This can result in costly lawsuits and damage to the company’s reputation. Without proper insurance coverage, these risks can potentially lead to financial ruin for a beverage manufacturer.

A comprehensive insurance policy can provide coverage for a wide range of risks, providing peace of mind for beverage manufacturers, knowing they are financially protected in the event of an unforeseen disaster. By mitigating the risks that beverage manufacturers face, the right insurance policy can help ensure the long-term success of their operations.

SECURA’s trade-specific beverage manufacturing coverage, tank leakage, and product contamination coverages are designed specifically for your beverage manufacturing business to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your customers.

SECURA Insurance has beverage manufacturers covered!

Understand how various types of insurance offer unique forms of protection.

Learn how SECURA’s insurance for beverage manufacturers can protect your business, then find an independent insurance agent to create a custom policy unique to your needs.

General Liability

Your beverage manufacturing company supplies various retailers and restaurants with your signature craft beverages. One day, a delivery driver accidentally spills a crate of your products in a crowded restaurant, causing a customer to slip and sustain injuries. Without Liability insurance, you could be held liable for the medical expenses, legal fees, and potential damages resulting from the incident. However, with the right Liability insurance coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your business is protected. Liability insurance can provide financial support, allowing you to focus on nurturing your brand’s reputation and providing exceptional products to your loyal customers.

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Commercial Auto

Your beverage manufacturing business heavily relies on a fleet of delivery vehicles to transport your products efficiently and reliably. One day, one of your drivers is involved in a collision while on a delivery route, causing damage to both the vehicle and the cargo. Without Commercial Auto insurance, the repair costs and potential lawsuits would burden your business significantly. However, with Commercial Auto insurance you can maintain your delivery operations smoothly and ensure your products reach your customers on time.

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Inland Marine

Your beverage manufacturing business often ships its products across the country to cater to a growing customer base. During transit, a severe storm causes a vehicle to skid off the road, resulting in significant damage to your cargo. Without Inland Marine insurance, the financial implications and losses would fall entirely on your business. However, with the right Inland Marine insurance, your goods are protected from the moment they leave your facility until they reach their intended destination.

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Property Insurance

As a beverage manufacturer, your facility houses valuable equipment, storage areas, and raw materials critical to your operations. Imagine a fire breaks out due to an electrical malfunction, causing extensive damage to your production line and storage facilities. Without Property insurance, the cost of repairs and replacing damaged equipment could jeopardize your business’s financial stability. However, with the right Property insurance, your business is protected against such perils, allowing you to swiftly resume production.

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Errors and Omissions (E&O)

Mistakes can happen, even with the utmost care and expertise. Sometimes mistakes, like packaging errors, occur, leading to incorrect labeling on a batch of products. As a result, the mislabeled products are distributed to various retailers, leading to customer complaints and potential legal claims. Without Errors & Omissions insurance, the financial repercussions, including legal fees and compensation, could pose a significant threat to your business’s reputation and bottom line. However, with the right Errors & Omissions insurance, you can mitigate the impact of such errors, ensuring that your business can overcome setbacks and maintain customer trust.

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Cyber Security

In today’s digital age, the threat of cyberattacks looms large for businesses, including beverage manufacturers. It’s not a far-fetched scenario where your company’s computer network is infiltrated, leading to a data breach and compromise of customer information. Cyber Security insurance provides comprehensive protection and financial support in the event of a cyberattack, helping you minimize the impact of a breach, safeguard your customers’ trust, and ensure the long-term viability of your beverage manufacturing company.

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Workers’ Compensation

As a beverage manufacturing company owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure workplace for your employees. While operating heavy machinery in your production facility, one of your employees suffers a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention and prolonged treatment. The employee is unable to work and faces a long road to recovery.

In such unfortunate instances, Worker’s Compensation insurance becomes an invaluable asset, protecting both your employees and your business, to ensure that your employees receive the necessary care and support they need while minimizing the financial burden on your business.

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Three optional endorsements

Those operating breweries, brew pubs, cideries, and wineries can add three optional endorsements to their commercial policy to help protect against the unexpected.

Craft Beverage Manufacturing Endorsement

Craft Beverage Manufacturing Endorsement includes the following craft beverage trade coverages:

  • Contingent Transit
  • Contract Cancellation Expense
  • Contract Penalty Costs
  • Business Personal Property Deferred Payments
  • Harvested Grapes or Crops
  • Key Employee Replacement Expense
  • Trellises or Unharvested Grapes
  • Valuation clauses for brewery, distillery, and winery products
  • Broadened Business Income (including Food Contamination, Off Premises Special Event Cancellation, Water Boil Order, and Processing Water Loss)
  • Beverage Tank Collapse

Tank Leakage

This is an extension of Commercial Property coverage to direct physical loss of your covered property that is caused by leakage of your liquid Pproperty from:

  • A tank, vessel, or barrel used to process or store the liquid property; or
  • A component part of or connection to or from the tank, vessel, or barrel

Product Contamination

This is an extension of Commercial Property coverage to direct physical loss of your Business Personal Property while at the described premises caused by contamination.

Benefits that work

Risk management services

Our policyholders have unlimited access to a wealth of safety talks, safety programs, on-demand videos, and other loss prevention resources. Our risk management team provides on-site consultations to help identify safety improvements and provide customized loss prevention guidance.

Exceptional claims experience

Our dedicated claims team is empathetic and strives to listen and answer any questions to ensure a full understanding of our process. When you notify us of a loss, we’ll call you within eight business hours, follow up regularly, and work with you until your claim is resolved.

Independent local agents

SECURA works with licensed independent agents in your community who help you find the right insurance solutions for your company. As your company grows, our independent agent partners can help you understand how your company’s insurance needs may change.


Since 1900, we’ve been known for our genuine people and exceptional service. By working with an experienced insurance provider who understands the risks and needs of your businesses, you can ensure you have the right coverage to protect your investment and keep your business running smoothly. In partnership with our independent agents, we can provide a custom insurance policy perfect for your unique needs.

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