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3 child care teachers interacting with students on floor playing with blocks

Child care ratios - how many children can your child care business care for?

What exactly is a child-to-adult ratio? The ratio is the number of adults who are present to teach and care for a group of children.

child care teacher interacting with students at table reading book

Child care background checks

Child care regulations require both a state and federal background check for caregivers before hire and again once every five years. A background...

Licensed child care teacher interacting with students

Child care licensing requirements

Child care licensing requirements ensure the minimum standards are being met and monitored by the appropriate authorities. State licensing...

Child care worker playing with kids

Understanding the insurance needs of commercial child care providers

It’s no secret that children can be a little (well, more than a little) unpredictable. While commercial child care professionals expect just about...

Kids doing crafts at daycare

Does your insurance protect your daycare?

Commercial child care providers  wear a lot of hats. Insurance expert shouldn’t have to be one of them.If you own or operate a daycare or run a...

Girl driving with her dad in the passenger seat

Understanding auto insurance for your child as they enter adulthood

When your teen started driving, you added them to your auto policy so you knew they were covered. Now, if your child moves out and continues using...