5 wildfire mitigation strategies

June 02, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

Summer is upon us, and so is summer heat. Hot and dry temperatures make for ideal wildfire conditions. Be sure to remain prepared in the scenario a wildfire is likely. In 2020 alone, there were 10.1 million acres of land burned due to wildfires.

Don't let your property be another statistic. Take these wildfire reduction measures to prevent damage to your home:

1. Create defensible space (rocks instead of mulch around the house), seal garage doors, clear gutters, and maintain decks – this allows for slower spread of the fire.

2. Consider installing duel-pane windows – the outer pane will protect the inner pane, allowing for the window to adjust more gradually and uniformly to the heat.

3. Close all doors and windows when evacuating, turn off the air conditioner, and shut off the gas supply – this makes it more difficult for the fire to spread throughout the home.

4. Wildfires move faster up hills than across flat land, structures at the top of hills or next to fuel loads are more at risk. 

5. Cut back trees and vegetation from the home's perimiter and plant it at the edge of the property – doing this steers wind and flaming debris away from home.