#SECURAGivesBack - Commercial Insurance Group & Kenzi's Causes, putting Colorado kids first

January 13, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

It all started with a pickle. No really – it’s the truth!  

"We got involved with Kenzi's Causes by holding a pickle eating fundraiser in order to raise money for their Backpacks for Kids program," said Devine Kelly, Underwriting Assistant and Chief Charity officer at Commercial Insurance Group. "The idea honestly came about in the oddest way with my husband and I watching a video of a man eating a giant jar of pickles in less than 10 minutes, including drinking the juice! I jokingly brought it up to our CEO at a meeting for our next charity and he loved the idea, so we ended up running with it!" 

They then quickly went to work securing sponsors and donations and in the end, the contest turned out to be an amazing success. In total, Commercial Insurance Group was able to raise $1,700 with the company matching $1,000 for a grand total of $2,700 donated back to Kenzi's Causes. 

"This organization really spoke to us because they help kids all across the state of Colorado," said Devine. "We all know and understand the pressures children face, and especially during this time with the pandemic, it's great to support an organization that makes the lives of kids a wee bit easier." 

Commercial Insurance Group plans to continue building their charity work in 2021 and look forward to being able to give back and contribute to other worthy causes in the state of Colorado! 

As a winner of this year's #SECURAGivesBack campaign, Kenzi's Causes was awarded $2,500 on behalf of Commercial Insurance Group and SECURA which will go directly towards furthering their mission to support underprivileged children and their families in Colorado through initiatives such as toy drives, food drives, school supplies, community outreach, and more.