Improve fleet safety by developing a driver road test program

October 18, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

Fleet drivers represent your company on the road, so it’s crucial that they understand and follow your standards.

When considering prospective hires or evaluating your current operators, a standardized road test will help you make sure all company drivers follow the same expectations and determine whether any additional training is needed before they are assigned to vehicles.

Conduct the test in two parts:

Off the road
This portion should include the vehicle inspection, coupling and uncoupling procedures, and low-speed handling such as backing, turning, and parking. You can set up traffic cones to simulate parallel parking, an alley dock, and more.

On the road

Use a predetermined course that presents a wide variety of driving conditions that a driver might encounter. During this segment, evaluate operations such as accelerating, braking, lane changing, railroad crossing, and more — as well as the driver’s attitude.

Create an evaluation form that includes details for each component. Use the form as a checklist during the exam, and mark whether the driver successfully completes each step.

After a completed test, keep a copy of the evaluation on file and determine whether any additional training is needed. You should continue the training until the driver successfully completes all portions of the evaluation.