Don't lose sight of your eye safety practices

March 08, 2019 | SECURA Insurance

"Our eyes are our windows to the world." It's a common, yet incredibly true phrase that we are all familiar with. Our eyes are remarkable and wonderful organs in our bodies. Through them, we experience and interpret the events around us, earn our livings, pursue leisure activities, and enrich our lives. 

Imagine though that in one split second on the job, all of that is taken away. 

If you're exposed to eye hazards on the job, such as tools, flying objects, chemicals, and radiation, you're at risk of injury. In fact, 700,000 Americans will injure their eyes at work each year and that adds up to an estimated $300 million loss in production time, medical expenses, and claims. The good news is that 90 percent of all injuries are preventable with proper eyewear and education. 


Minimizing eye injury in your workplace: 

Assess your workplace

Take a careful tour through your operation's workspace. Inspect work areas, access routes, and equipment. Make note of operations and areas that present eye hazards. 

Select appropriate eyewear for your type of work

Safety glasses function like normal eyewear except the lenses are very tough. Be sure to choose a pair imprinted with American National Standards Institute ANSI Z87 or Z87+ on the frame to show they meet federal and state regulatory requirements. Glasses should also be equipped with side shields. Safety glasses can be ordered with prescription safety lenses, or designed to wrap entirely around regular prescription eyewear. 

Educate your employees on safe eyewear practices in the workplace

Create monthly, ongoing education programs to establish, maintain, and reinforce the need for protective eyewear. 

Emergencies prepared

If you don't already have on in place, establish first-aid procedures for eye injuries. Have eyewash stations accessible to all employees, especially where chemicals are used, and train your employees in basic first-aid should a situation arise.