More than meets the eye – Electrical Infrared Thermography

September 08, 2020 | SECURA Insurance

Whether we feel it or not, all electrical and mechanical equipment radiates heat. Infrared surveys can help keep small issues from turning into huge problems. Choosing to have a thermography scan completed can be a wise decision for your business as nearly 25% of all electrical failures are attributed to faulty electrical connections. 

Repairing loose connections — easily found with thermographic scans — could only cost your business a few hundred dollars. If left undetected however, that same connection could result in a fire that may cost you injury, loss of life, damage, or a total loss of business. 

How do infrared thermography cameras work?

Infrared cameras that are sensitive to electrical and mechanical equipment detect and measure temperature differences between surfaces. When a piece of equipment is scanned, the cameras convert the information and display it as an image visible to the human eye, which allows the scanner to see a heat signature. Anything that registers higher than "normal" for that type of equipment may indicate a potential problem. 

Thermography scans can benefit your business by: 
  • Reducing the risk of an electrical fire
  • Reducing the risk of an unplanned electrical outage
  • Identifying priorities for planned maintenance
  • Determining if the elements and systems have been properly installed and not damaged
  • Reducing downtime
  • Reducing the risk of equipment failure
  • Increasing safety 
  • Reducing liability exposure of designers and installers
  • Improving system performance
  • Reducing construction schedule delays
  • Saving money

For more information on infrared thermography scans, please contact your SECURA Risk Management Consultant.