Insurance products all campground owners should have

July 21, 2017 | SECURA Insurance

The 4 essential layers of campground insurance

A successful camping trip is all about preparation – setting the dates, planning the route, and packing what you’ll need to thrive. Campground owners and operators should have an insurance plan that covers their specialized needs and can help them weather any storm.

There are multiple layers of coverage to consider, whether you cater to tents and RVs or day campers and outdoor rec groups. With SECURA, you can tailor a policy to your needs so you can focus on your guests.

Coverage to weather any storm

campground insurance infographic

Liability Coverages

Like any business, you face the typical exposures of people slipping, tripping, or falling on your premises. Add in canoe rentals and a jumping pillow, and you need an experienced agent to help you protect your business.

Auto-Related Coverage

It’s harrowing to watch someone park a trailer for the first time, especially if it’s rented. If you offer trailer spotting and other vehicle services, you’ll need auto-related coverages.

Unique Campground Operations 

The same features that make your campground enticing to your guests, are the reasons some insurance companies shy away from covering campgrounds. Inflatables, swimming pools, and concession stands need special attention to make them assets rather than liabilities.

Property Coverage

Although some campgrounds don’t have a lot of buildings out in the woods, if yours does, you need an experienced agent to help protect your property. Find the perfect recipe for your campground coverage needs with an independent SECURA insurance agent. 

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