Is insurance a commodity? Agents make the difference

June 09, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

Many media campaigns position insurance as a commodity, suggesting that price is the only main difference there is to offer. Perhaps the actual dictionary definition of the word can help dispel that myth:


   noun com·mod·i·ty \kə-ˈmä-də-tē\

  1. a good or service whose wide availability typically diminishes the importance of factors other than price

Companies that only focus on the cost of insurance give little to no consideration for the dramatic differences among policies and the many factors to consider besides price. Unfortunately, many consumers end up paying more in the long run once a claim is made and the reality of their woefully inadequate coverage from a cut-rate carrier comes to light.

With help from a trusted independent agent when making a buying decision, these same customers would have discovered that coverages like SECURA’s MILE-STONE Gold are, in fact, priced fairly when comparing apples to apples, and that they could have had proper protection, not to mention the service that goes with it.

Independent agents have the advantage of knowing the companies they represent. They know the substantial coverage and service differences that various policies offer.

More importantly, they know you, their customer. With each policy comes a personal advisor and, in many cases, a personal friend. It’s not unusual to see your local independent insurance agent while shopping at the grocery store or cheering for your high school football team.

Individual attention is something the big-name direct sellers can’t offer. That in itself shows a marked difference among companies and policies, and demonstrates once again that home and auto insurance is far from a commodity.

Contact your independent insurance agent today. They have your best interest at heart and can customize your insurance to properly protect and save you money in the long run.