Athletic field maintenance and exposures

July 08, 2021 | SECURA Risk Management

Most people look at an athletic field and recognize its use. Your job is to make sure the people using it aren’t put at risk because of the field’s condition.

Typical athletic field exposures
  • People climbing on hoops, goal posts, and fences
  • Holes or uneven ground on fields
  • Unclean fields: hidden rocks, sticks, and trash
  • Fields or courses improperly set up
  • Children playing underneath bleacher seats
Prevention tips

Too often, athletic fields are thought of only during the season in use, but elements like weather, changing seasons, and use make maintaining athletic fields an important consideration year round. Develop an annual maintenance plan, and be sure to include inspection and maintenance even when a field is not in use.

  • Bleachers and stadium seats present a unique liability exposure. (For example: exposed edges, trip hazards, weight limitations, old/rotting wood, rust, weak guide rails and supports, etc.).
  • Remove bleachers when not in use. If that is not possible, close off bleachers when not in use.
  • Never apply pesticides and herbicides in a timeframe that could overlap with field use. Maintenance crew or any service providers must be keenly aware of the game schedule (including expected early arrival and set up times).