About Us

Community Involvement & Social Responsibility

We love our home as much as you love yours. And we believe a strong community comes from companies and people who make a real difference in the lives of others.

We're thrilled to know we can make our community a better place for us all. Our support goes to local charitable, civic, and educational organizations that serve the needs of people in our community through financial gifts and volunteerism.

Learn more about our commitment to social responsibility through these programs:

Community Commitment Program

The Community Commitment Program supports nonprofit and other organizations with corporate donations.

We receive hundreds of donation requests each year, thanks to our strong reputation for helping others. Our Community Commitment Committee evaluates all requests and determines how best to meet them based on good stewardship principles.

We prioritize our giving by focusing on people's most basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and safety. We're also committed to supporting positive youth development and educational opportunities, as well as to the vitality of our local environment and the arts.

Through the years, we've partnered with nonprofit organizations like the United Way, Emergency Shelter, Foster Elementary School, and many other charitable groups.

Our associates also look to us to help reach charitable organizations they're passionate about through SECURA's Matching Gift Program. This program generously doubles associates' personal donations to nonprofit organizations of their choice.


Community-Focused Organizations SECURA Supports

Bellin School of Nursing
Bubolz Nature Preserve
Down Syndrome Louisville
Fox Valley Symphony
Hmong Partnership
Memorial Park Arboretum & Gardens
Rebuilding Together Fox Valley
Trout Museum
UW-Fox Valley Family Practice Fund
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Fox Cities Children's Museum
Emergency Shelter
Junior Achievement
Military Vets Museum Foundation
Salvation Army
United Way Fox Cities
UW-Fox Valley Foundation
YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Boys & Girls Clubs
Children's Hospital
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Harbor House
Lawrence University
Outagamie County Fair
UW-Oshkosh Business 

Requesting a gift

To qualify for consideration in our Community Commitment program, you or your organization must be a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that is local, serving the communities in the Fox Valley.

If your organization fits these criteria and you'd like to request support, please complete SECURA's grant application.

Generally, SECURA does not provide financial gifts to organizations that are:

    • Raising money for a benefit to an individual
    • State or national fundraising campaigns
    • Sports teams seeking sponsorships
    • Political or religious organizations requesting money for political, controversial, or strictly religious purposes
    • Groups that are building a "nest egg" fund for a future need
    • Programs that are funded by another company


Sustainability Committee

At SECURA, our goal is to effectively and wisely manage our resources to minimize our impact on the environment. Our Sustainability Committee champions this cause by identifying potential improvements, implementing or making recommendations to do so, and tracking our progress with sustainable practices.

Launched on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in 2010, our Sustainability Committee encourages our associates, agents, policyholders, and the community to reduce their own environmental impact.


Wellness Committee

Our Wellness Committee encourages physical and emotional well-being for our associates and their families. Because our people care about giving their best efforts at home and work, we help them build time in their schedules to make health and wellness a priority. That's why we invite our associates and their families to take part in a multitude of programs that involve healthy eating and exercise habits.

We also provide numerous at-work resources to promote emotional well-being, including courses about family medical issues, stress reduction, and financial planning.

Prairie Restoration Project

The classic American poet and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said, “Love is like wildflowers; it’s often found in the most unlikely places.”

The SECURA Insurance grounds also may seem like an unlikely place for a prairie of grasses and wildflowers. Many who drive past the well-manicured lawn dotted with walking paths, flower displays, and fountains, may be surprised to come upon what appears at first glance to be an unruly patch of overgrown field. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice more: a thriving ecosystem.

In spring of 2012, we set aside two acres of our campus for a prairie restoration project. Before Wisconsin was settled, prairies and oak savannahs were prevalent throughout the state. The natural habitat created ideal conditions for wildlife, especially migratory birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects.

Our hope is to restore a small area of our campus to what it may have been like centuries ago, so we worked with city officials and local ordinances to move forward. In time, we even put up nesting boxes for bluebirds and tree swallows. In addition to providing natural habitat and a uniquely beautiful landscape, we have been able to cut back on mowing, reducing emissions and fuel use.

Even though it may take a little longer to establish, we are taking the least invasive approach with the prairie, so no chemicals are being used to control weeds. Good old-fashioned hand-pulling is the method of choice. On occasion, a controlled burn of the area will take place to help stimulate growth and minimize invasive species.

With each year, we look forward to seeing more birds and butterflies as the prairie becomes established. This project is just another way for us to give back to the community and help the environment. If you’d like more information about SECURA’s prairie restoration project, please email us or call 800-558-3405 ext. 4299.

View a list of native species planted in the prairie here.
View photos of the prairie here.