Tractor videos highlight SECURA’s focus on farm-ag safety

Training videos feature former farm kids, insurance experts

Appleton, Wis. (July 26, 2018)The farm-ag underwriters at SECURA Insurance know their ways around a tractor. In two new safety training videos, former farm kids turned insurance experts share tractor safety tips to help prevent some common farm injuries and costly farm-ag insurance claims.

“It’s easy to get too comfortable while working with tractors day in and day out, and that’s where we see serious injuries happen,” said Dave Schlichting, Vice President of Farm-Ag Underwriting. “This time of year, our clients are putting in incredibly long hours in the fields. Despite the hectic pace, it’s a perfect time to invest two minutes focusing on safety for owners, operators, and employees, to help ensure the farm runs smoothly.”

The videos focus on two common causes of claims — safely starting a tractor and properly engaging a power take-off (PTO) shaft.

Schlichting stresses that these videos are intended for anyone who operates a tractor. He said, “At first glance the topics may seem a bit simple, but we see claim after claim related to these two topics. Whether you’re working with a new employee or a seasoned farmhand, you can’t overlook these potentially life and limb saving tips.”

In the first video, Jenny VanDeHei, Supervisor–Farm-Ag Services, walks through basic tractor safety. Tips include:

  • Review the operator’s manual and seek training from an experienced user.
  • Wear sturdy work boots with a solid tread.
  • Maintain three points of contact (two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot) when getting on and off the tractor.
  • Use a seat belt on tractors with roll-over protection.
  • Double check that your tractor is out of gear before starting or shutting down equipment.
  • Engage the parking brake before dismounting the tractor.

VanDeHei feels especially connected to these videos because they were shot on her family’s farm. “It’s a common thread on our team at SECURA that many of us grew up on farms or closely connected to the industry, so it’s exciting to share a bit of my past with our policyholders and agents,” she said. “I have spent a lot of time on that very tractor through the years.”

In the second video, Curt Weis, Manager–Farm and Agribusiness Training, explains the proper way to engage and disengage a PTO shaft. Tips include:

  • Review the owner’s manual before inspecting the PTO.
  • Avoid loose clothing or long hair, which can get tangled in the rotating equipment.
  • Make sure the safety clutch is activated before you inspect your PTO.
  • Replace any worn or broken PTO components with an implement repair professional.
  • Do not use adapters and make sure the PTO fits securely to the tractor.
  • Turn off the tractor or engage the safety clutch before attaching or detaching the PTO.
  • Never stand on or bend the PTO.

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