Building a foundation...

For the things you love most

A strong foundation isn’t something you see, touch, or often think about. It’s something you feel — a sense of assurance.

MILE-STONE Gold home and auto policies are built to provide that feeling — one of security, confidence, and certainty — with robust coverage and policy benefits. Gold policies provide higher limits and broader coverage, but also services like Travel RescuerSM, Roadside RescuerSM, Identity Fraud Expense and Restoration Coverage, Pet ProtectorSM, and so much more.

When it comes to protecting the things you love most, MILE-STONE Gold is a broad, sturdy base that sets the foundation. Find a SECURA-licensed independent agent in your area to learn more and begin establishing your foundation.

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For your adventurous spirit

A truly solid foundation stays with you, even when you’re far from home. Travel Rescuer is your lifeline for emergency and non-emergency services when you and your family are 100 miles or more from home.

Whether it’s a forgotten prescription, an injury or illness, or a stolen passport, Travel Rescuer is a 24/7 service included with all MILE-STONE Gold policies designed to help you through difficult situations you could face while you travel. 

For the problems you can’t control

Unfortunately, vehicles don’t seem to care what time it is, how busy you are, or who you’re traveling with, and they always seem to leave you stuck at the most inopportune moments.

Like your car, SECURA’s Roadside Rescuer service doesn’t worry about the time, with help readily available in situations where you may need a tire change, jump start, or tow, or other services.

For your best friends

A strong foundation wouldn’t be complete without protection for your pets, who serve as companions, guardians, and so much more. With Pet Protector, you have financial protection against many tragedies that could bring harm to your four-legged friends.

Pets are part of the family, and with the ability to take your pet to the vet of your choice after an incident, you can be confident they are getting the best care in your area.

For your financial safety

Data breaches, credit card skimmers, and phishing only begin the list of ways your identity could be compromised. SECURA’s ID Theft Protection service helps you weather the storm with covered expenses and an expert response team.

With reimbursements up to $25,000 for select expenses, a personal advocate who will help you navigate complicated challenges, and notifications to key financial institutions if you fall victim to identity theft, this coverage provides the backbone for identity-related financial stability.