SECURA Customer Care

Caring is at the heart of what we do, and we know you value the familiarity, warmth, and attentiveness of our associates.

Acting as an extension of your agency, our Personal Lines Customer Care team extends that same genuine support to your customers. When you partner with us, your clients feel how much we care. You can trust they will get the best service every time they call, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Benefits of Customer Care

  • Agency CSR positions can be challenging to fill. SECURA handles all of the day-to-day service after the new business sale. 
  • Our Customer Care team conducts renewal reviews each year with your customers and they offer a great opportunity to upsell additional coverages.
  • Same day turnaround for endorsements and quotes.
  • Customer Care business has better policy retention and lower loss ratios.

Contact Customer Care

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30-5:30; Friday 7:30-4:30 CST | Phone: 1-800-466-4563Email:

How do I get started?

  • Reach out to your sales manager or Personal Lines underwriter and let them know you are interested in Customer Care.
  • A phone conference will be set up to explain the details and answer any questions you may have.
  • A contract is created and signed by SECURA and the agency.
  • We will send you a list of your current customers with SECURA, and you select those you would like moved to Customer Care if you do not want your entire book moved.
  • A mass mailing is sent out to the customers you selected the week before we go live with Customer Care letting them know they can begin calling us for any of their insurance needs.
  • We begin servicing all of the accounts immediately after the letters are mailed out, but the customer won’t officially be moved to Customer Care until their first renewal after the live date. So, any commission charge will not take place until renewal.
  • MILE-STONE Link will have a pop-up question asking if you would like the new business being uploaded to be in Customer Care, you simply select yes or no.

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical charge for utilizing Customer Care is 2% commission.

We always mention the agency name in our conversations with the customers and use words like “partnering” and “on behalf of the agency.” We want the customer to know that they are still your customer. We are simply an extension of your service. We make sure that the customer knows their agency is still there for them.

No. The agency decides which policies will be in Customer Care. Some agencies move their entire SECURA book to Customer Care while some use a premium threshold, or just keep close friends and family with the agency to service.

Yes. Once you are set up as a Customer Care agency, you will have a question that will pop up in MILE-STONE Link when you upload new business that asks if the policy should be put into Customer Care.

Absolutely! Please feel free to reach out to your sales manager or Personal Lines underwriter if you would like to job shadow our Customer Care Department to see firsthand what we do. If visiting our office is not an option, we can set up a conference call to go over the details of Customer Care and answer any questions you may have.

The agency can program SECURA’s Customer Care phone number into their phone as a speed dial so when a call comes to the agency, they can simply call over to Customer Care and we will service the call.

Yes. This is part of our renewal review process with the customer. If the customer qualifies for an umbrella but doesn’t currently have one, we explain the benefits and importance of having this coverage and provide a quote. If a customer currently has MILE-STONE Basic coverage, we let them know the benefits of our Gold package and provide a quote. This is also a time for us to upsell endorsements that are available if they are a good fit for that particular customer. It's a great time to introduce new endorsements such as Underground Service Line or visit water back-up to determine if additional coverage is needed.

We currently have seven licensed agents and three additional back-up licensed agents to cover our team during meetings or unexpected absences.

Customer Care will mail out a renewal review letter before the renewal runs letting the customer know to give us a call to review their renewal. Those we do not hear back from, we do try to contact by phone as well.

We have two different welcome letters available that we can send to your customers when you go live with Customer Care to notify the policyholder they can now begin calling us for any of their insurance needs. We do a mass mailing up front to all of your customers you wish to be in Customer Care when we go live so we can begin servicing your customers immediately. One letter is a message from SECURA printed on our letterhead, and the other is a message from the agency in which you would send us your agency letterhead/envelopes and we will send out the message that comes from you on your behalf.

Each month the agency receives the following reports:

  • Agency P&E report showing the basic stats (new business, current policies in force, direct written premium, earned premium, and loss ratio for the current year)
  • Retention
  • Incoming and outbound calls
  • Lost policies with reason codes from the prior month
  • Upsell endorsement details (Basic to Gold, umbrella added, water back up increased, liability increased, etc.)

We do not have the ability to automatically share notes with our agents at this time. In the future, when Personal Lines creates an agency portal this will be available. We do keep very detailed notes on our Customer Care calls and our incoming calls are recorded in our phone system. If an agency ever were to need copy of our notes on a particular situation, or need to listen to a call we can simply forward to them.

We keep in close communication with all of our agents to give our mutual customers the best service possible. If a customer is unhappy with their premium and there is nothing we can do on our end to keep it with SECURA, we call over to the agency so they can find another carrier for them. We look at discounts, deductibles, and re-run insurance scores if it’s been awhile since the last order to try and save an account.

All endorsements that are processed will download to the agency management system nightly so the agent will be able to see them the next day. If a customer cancels their policy, or is thinking about cancelling their policy, we call or email the agency to let them know immediately.