Car insurance with accident forgiveness

Accidents happen, but with Accident Forgiveness, your insurance premium won’t increase for your first at-fault accident.

What is accident forgiveness?

Accident Forgiveness is a car insurance feature available to SECURA’s MILE-STONE® Gold and Basic policyholders. It means you won’t face a premium increase due to an accident if you have your first at-fault accident.*

How does accident forgiveness work?

If you qualify for accident forgiveness, your insurance premium will not increase due to your first at-fault accident.

You may be qualified for this feature if:

  • You have been a loyal MILE-STONE home and auto policyholder for three or more years
  • The drivers in your household haven’t been in an accident or had a violation in the past 35 months*

What are the benefits of accident forgiveness?

Unlike many other carriers, our Accident Forgiveness is automatically included on all MILE-STONE Gold and Basic policies at no extra cost.

There are many additional benefits to SECURA’s Accident Forgiveness, including:

  • No additional premium charge for this feature
  • Rewards good drivers and long-term customers
  • Eliminates a surcharge resulting from the first at-fault accident

Accidents happen, even to safe drivers. View our blog for steps to take after a car accident and other resources to help prepare for the unexpected.

*Some restrictions apply. Ask your agent for details.

To learn more about Accident Forgiveness, speak with your independent agent.

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