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Safety Program Samples

Safety programs come in all shapes and sizes and can differ for each type of business. If you're looking to implement a new safety program or make some changes to an existing program, let our team of Risk Management Consultants help. 

The following sample safety programs, forms, and checklists are available to you, free of charge:

  • Sample Safety Program
  • Accident Investigation Guides
  • Construction Safety Program
  • Fleet Safety Program
  • Resources and Programs for Non-Profit Organizations

To receive a customizable template for any of these sample programs, forms, and checklists, please fill out the form below.

Disclaimer: The information and recommendations contained in these materials have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. However, SECURA accepts no legal responsibility for the accuracy, sufficiency, or completeness of such information. Additional safety and health procedures may be required under particular circumstances.

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