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Tips for hosting a safe special event

When hosting a special event, you have a duty to provide a safe venue and safe activities. Incorporate a few simple considerations to make sure your event is successful.

Prevention tips

Often times, special events require activities and planning outside of your expertise.

  • Delegate tasks to the appropriate person or service provider. It’s best to let the bar staff plan for the liquor, the security company to plan the entrance, etc.

If you are hosting your event off-site, familiarize yourself with the facilities.

  • Are there any specific parking details?
  • Does the neighborhood have requirements?
  • Are other events occurring before, after, or during your event? If so, what type of spectators or participants do they expect?
  • Understand the limitations of the venue. For example, are there bathrooms, electricity, first aid kits, etc.?

Be careful when incorporating door prizes, basket raffles, or games of chance into your event.

  • Before incorporating these types of activities, review all state and federal regulations pertaining to lotteries and gambling.

Review and understand all contracts and agreements signed during the event preparation stages.

  • Contracts and agreements may limit your rights and impose duties upon you. Not knowing or understanding the contract or agreement details does not negate your responsibility for the details.

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