Work Comp and Employee Safety

Access the workers’ compensation and ergonomics resources below:

Return to Work Program Samples, Procedures and Forms:

  • Accident/Illness Procedure pdf 
  • Injured Employee Contact Procedure pdf
  • Letter to Medical Provider pdf 
  • Sample Physicians Work Capacity Evaluation pdf 
  • Sample Framework for Return to Work pdf 
  • Transitional Duty Activity Log pdf 
  • Transitional Duty Agreement pdf 
  • Incident Reporting and Transitional Duty Procedure pdf 
  • Transitional Duty Employee Procedure pdf


OSHA’s new fact sheet, Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers, provides suggestions for conducting inspections that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current safety and health efforts, and communicate directly with workers about job hazards. 

*Additional information on this topic is available on Videos On Demand.