SECURA's Proposed Restructuring to Mutual Holding Company

Valued Policyholder of SECURA INSURANCE, A Mutual Company:

Thank you for choosing SECURA for your insurance needs. We are excited about the opportunity to reorganize SECURA into a mutual holding company structure. We believe the new structure will better protect mutuality for SECURA policyholders and position the company for flexibility and success in a continually changing insurance marketplace.

The following information began mailing Aug. 11, 2020 to all policyholders of SECURA INSURANCE, A Mutual Company with policies in effect on July 28, 2020, the date of approval of the final Plan by the SECURA Board of Directors and the “record date” to establish eligible policyholders entitled to vote on the Plan at an upcoming Special Meeting on Sept. 15, 2020.  The mailing includes the following:

We encourage you to carefully review the information. If you have questions or need an additional copy of the materials, please submit your question or request below. Thank you for your support.



  Chairperson Letter to Policyholders  |  Policyholder Information Booklet |   Proxy Card

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