Karly Stamper

Mike Krabbe

Agribusiness Underwriter

Territory: Iowa| Designations: AU, AIS, AU, AFIS, TRIP | Experience: Since 2013 | Education: Bachelor of Science in psychology, Iowa State University

Karly joined SECURA in 2022 as an agribusiness underwriter. Previously, she worked for Nationwide Insurance.

Most of Karly’s free time is spent with her family, which includes two young children, two dogs, and her husband, Addam, a SECURA Field Claims Adjuster. She enjoys spending time outdoors, rooting for her favorite sports teams, and playing fantasy football.

Karly also enjoys traveling. She’s been to 19 countries and 22 states. In college, she lived in Germany for two summers working with children whose parents were in the U.S. Military through a program called Camp Adventure. Although she didn’t learn much German while she was there, she did have the opportunity to meet several amazing families and travel throughout Europe.