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two dorways of an unfinished basement with white walls

Homeowner headaches: Protecting your basement from water damage

Melting snow, rain showers, and warmer weather, oh my! The signs of spring are a welcome sight...until all that extra water winds up in your...

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Man climbing on ladder attempting to install a light into the ceiling

Climb with care and step up to safe ladder practices

If you own a home, chances are you own a ladder. Since they're such common tools, it's easy to forget just how dangerous they can be. According to...

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House in the winter time covered in snow and ice

Preventing and limiting the damage from ice dams

Sure, the icicles hanging on the eaves of your house make for a picturesque, Instagram-worthy scene, but did you know they can spell big problems f...

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woman talking on the phone while using laptop

Help your children enter adulthood responsibly with the right renters and auto insurance

It may be that time – your son or daughter is graduating from college or they’re ready to move out on their own. And, you’re ready for that too!

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Four people with fun socks on sticking their feet out by the fireplace

Heating your home safely

No matter how you choose to heat your home during the winter, a heating source can become a fire hazard if it's not properly maintained.  Here are ...

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Man and woman checking smoke detector in their home

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home

As temperatures drop, you turn on the heat to keep warm. But the increased use of heating and fuel-burning appliances in winter means a higher risk...

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