Child care worker playing with kids

Understanding the insurance needs of commercial child care providers

It’s no secret that children can be a little (well, more than a little) unpredictable. While commercial child care professionals expect just about...

Injured worker getting bandaged up at construction site

Workers’ Compensation: Can Risk Management help your business?

If you’re losing sleep at night over your company’s Workers’ Compensation coverage, it’s time to look for better partner in insurance — like SECURA.

Man and woman exchanging information on the side of the road

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Accidents happen, and they’re always stressful and inconvenient. Even if you’re a  safe driver , it makes sense to plan ahead and know how to...

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Niche Fitness Gyms: Fit for Liability

Yoga studios, CrossFit gyms, martial art centers, climbing clubs…there are all kinds of  niche workout facilities  today, catering to one fitness...

Man on his phone while walking in airport

Add medical evacuation coverage to your vacation checklist

When Evelyn Paschen suffered a stroke in Florida, her husband faced a $20,000 medical transport bill just to get her home to Wisconsin. Thankfully,...

Pieces of Jewelry displayed on wood surface

Insurance riders: What are they and why you may need them

If you have valuables in your home like jewelry or artwork, you’ll likely need an insurance rider (also known as an  endorsement  or  scheduled...