Former farm kids — Today's farm insurance experts

Kevin Schock's Story

Most people would probably consider someone who majored in agricultural studies and minored in agronomy at Iowa State University to be more than proficient when it comes to farm knowledge. Tack on actual firsthand farming experience, and you have a true expert.

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Curt Weis: Former farm kid — today's farm insurance expert

Curt Weis’ story

When you’re born into a farm family, on the job training begins the moment you can walk. You learn quickly where it’s safe to play, not to startle the animals, and that there’s always a way you can help – no matter your age. Curt Weis, Manager – Farm and Agribusiness Training, can attest to this because he earned his keep by working on his family’s farm right up until he left for college.

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Former farm kids – Today’s farm insurance experts: Dave Schlichting

We have a confession. Unlike most of his colleagues on the Farm-Ag Underwriting team, Dave Schlichting, SECURA Vice President – Farm/Ag Underwriting , did not officially grow up on a farm. He’s one generation removed from the homestead, but he’s no stranger to farm life. And most importantly, he’s passionate about the industry he serves. 

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Former farm kids – Today’s farm insurance experts

Patti Lemke’s story

Patti Lemke, Sr. Agribusiness Underwriter, spent her entire young life living and working on a farm. Her parents owned and operated a small farm in Eden, Wis. that milked 65 cows in a stanchion barn, and she worked on a large dairy farm that milked 700 head from the time she was 14 until she left for college.

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Former farm kid — today's farm insurance expert

Kayla Smith’s Story

On a small family-owned dairy farm in Oconto Falls, Wis., home to 100 dairy cows and four little farmhands, Kayla Smith grew up and learned the ways of the farm. Kayla and her three brothers lived the farm life their entire youth, but when it came time to decide who would take the farm over from their dad and uncle, they all had other plans.

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