Dealt a bad hand while traveling? Travel Rescuer reshuffles the deck

March 28, 2018 | SECURA Insurance

Delayed flights and lost luggage often headline the list of concerns for travelers, but they are minor inconveniences compared to severe illness, missing prescriptions, or serious injury away from home.

With Travel RescuerSM, included with every MILE-STONE Gold home & auto policy, you have a lifeline for these and many other emergency situations while traveling 100 or more miles from home.

Take a closer look at the scenarios below to find out how Travel Rescuer can be your biggest ally while traveling.

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Pick-pocketed Passport

Jackie and Tim planned to experience all of Europe’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and delicious cuisine for their honeymoon. Somewhere in their travels, Tim realized his passport was missing, putting a temporary pause to their adventure. 

With a network of nearly 60,000 international resources, Travel Rescuer helped the happy couple get a new passport, allowing them to continue their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Scare on Spring Break

Jake was ready to take his first spring break with friends after months of anticipation. Two days after arriving at the resort, he realized this might not be the memorable experience he had hoped for after beginning severe flu-like symptoms.

After a few phone calls home, Jake’s parents, who had him on their SECURA policy, decided it was time to call Travel Rescuer to help him find the best nearby facility, where they could determine the severity of illness and get him home, if necessary.

Misplaced Prescription

Robert and Judy were overjoyed by becoming grandparents for the first time, but meeting their granddaughter required a cross-country flight. Within days, they were on a plane. Before boarding, Judy was sure to take her heart medication on schedule; however, when she went to take her second dose before bed, her medication was nowhere to be found.

Judy made the call to Travel Rescuer, and while they worked to help her get a prescription filled nearby, one of their trained medical professionals reassured her that missing a dose or two was not a serious concern.

Break on the Beach

Jessica’s competitive spirit came alive after a few minutes of watching a beach volleyball game from the sidelines. Her relaxing day of reading quickly became a chance for her to relive her days of high school volleyball stardom. Unfortunately, 35-year-old Jessica was not as nimble as her 17-year-old self, and a severe ankle injury quickly halted the game, and potentially her entire vacation. 

With Travel Rescuer’s help, Jessica was directed to a qualified care facility where she could get her injury diagnosed and treated to prevent further injury before coming home. 

Emergency in the Mountains

The Smiths’ annual family ski trip was always an impressive show. As the kids got older and more experienced on the slopes, their parents’ ability to “shred” started diminishing. Dad, determined to show his children that he could still handle the most difficult slopes, bit off a little more than he could chew, resulting in a back injury and a concussion.

Although they were far from home, the Smiths worked with Travel Rescuer to get their father the immediate care he needed and to a facility near their residence to complete his recovery.