Top three things burglars don't want

November 09, 2021 | SECURA Insurance

Discourage burglars from targeting your home by implementing security measures based on the top three things burglars don't want: 

1. They don't want to be seen. 

Install exterior lighting around doors and garages — preferably motion-sensitive flood lights that are too high for a burglar to reach and unscrew the bulbs. 

Remove or trim shrubs close to your home that could make hiding places for burglars. Consumer Reports suggests the 3/6 rule: Trim shrubs in front of the house to no higher than three feet off the ground, and trim trees so the lowest branches are at least six feet up. 

2. They don't want to be heard. 

Install an alarm system with 24/7 monitoring if it's in your budget. If not, consider an un-monitored alarm that sets off a loud noise. This will deter amateur burglars from sticking around. 

3. They don't want to be slowed down. 

When it comes to keeping intruders out of the house, the basics matter. Lock your doors and windows to slow burglars down.

Use deadbolts on your doors. Secure sliding glass doors by placing a sturdy dowel inside the door track to prevent it from being opened from the outside. Keep your doors locked at all times if possible, even when you're home. Get in the habit of locking your windows every time you close them. 

Keep your garage door locked too, just the same as any exterior entrance. Lock up any tools or ladders that could be used to break in. 

Bonus: Burglars don't like neighbors. 

Get to know your neighbors. One of your greatest sources of protection is people in your neighborhood who care.