SECURA marks 119 years of excellence

March 01, 2019 | SECURA Insurance
In New York City, work began on the locale's first section of subway. In Paris, the first Olympic games that allowed women to compete took place. And, in Seymour, Wis., Julius Bubolz formed the Farmers Home Mutual Hail, Tornado & Cyclone Insurance Company.

The year was 1900, and it brought with it these exciting achievements. Why is Bubolz's accomplishment so exciting? That insurance company became one we know well — SECURA Insurance. This Friday, March 1, our company celebrates its 119th anniversary. 

Reflections of the past

Much of what we experience each day at SECURA has its roots in Bubolz's beliefs and actions. 

Caring for others at our company's core: Bubolz was propelled to take action after a cyclone destroyed farms and killed more than 100 people. It was the deep care he felt for his neighbors that led him to ease their economic misfortune by forming the insurance company where charter members agreed to share losses and expenses. According to one historical account, "(Bubolz's) ambition was not wealth or fame but service to his fellow man." 

Doing what's right: Bubolz and his son, Gordon, were the epitome of honesty and fairness. This was especially true when it came to their agents. "If they have an honest dollar coming, they will receive it. If they have an honest claim, we will pay it," Gordon once said. The company-agent relationships were so strong that in 1966, agents were asked to write a new line of business for the first four months without commission "as a labor of love." They sold more than $3 million in those four months. 

Care for the environment: While neighbors stripped their farmland of timber for cash, Bubolz — although desperately in need of money — chose to leave many of the trees to prevent erosion. He and his family were rewarded with natural flowers, birds, and animals. 

A foundation for the future

These values and more are at the heart of our company's history of growth. As our company embarks on our 119th year, we are excited about the future. Later this year, we will move to our new home office and, while the memories made in our current building will never be forgotten, we can't wait to make new memories and share our new building with our associates, agents, and the community.

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